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A draft Spatial Regeneration Framework (SRF) has been commissioned by the City Council to establish a planning framework and development principles to shape development in the Pumpfields area.

This will provide guidance in relation to the overall objectives for the area in addition to site specific development guidelines, ensuring that the area will be developed in a co-ordinated strategic manner.

The purpose of the Pumpfields Development Framework is to articulate a vision of what the area will be like in the future. It provides the overarching context for regeneration and establishes principles for development – sitting above the detailed site-level proposals.

The strategy will seek to ensure that development proposals in the area relate well to one another and create synergies that will deliver the best possible outcomes for Pumpfields.

This development framework responds to the increasing demand for residential development in what is an area designated for employment uses. The document supports the diversification of uses in Pumpfields and sets the basis for this position in relation to an analysis of the spatial characteristics of the area, national and local planning policy and evidence of market demand.

This document is a draft for consultation – the views of some landowners, developers, local authority departments and ward councillors have informed the current draft – which is now considered to provide a suitable basis for wider and more detailed consultation including with local businesses and residents. The strategy will be revised to reflect the outcome of consultation and finalised in autumn 2016.

It is intended that this document will be endorsed by the City’s Cabinet to guide regeneration and development in Pumpfields. It will be used to demonstrate the aspirations for the area, help lever in funding, and guide the use of limited public sector resources.  It is also intended to form a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

The closing date for the consultation is Friday, 6th July 2018. 

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