News | 27/05/21

Inspiring the next generation of construction industry leaders

A new short film shot in Liverpool has been released as part of a call on the construction industry to support them in attracting the brightest and best upcoming talent.

Where it All Begins offers an exciting view on the opportunities that the construction sector offers for young people by showcasing the journey of a young girl around her home city of Liverpool where she gets inspired by the buildings, transport environment and technology she encounters. It aims to challenge the misconceptions about careers within construction and encourage Gen Z and Gen Alpha – along with educators and parents – to consider a path to the industry.

It has been produced by The Construction Innovation Hub (the Hub) and Class Of Your Own (COYO), supported by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

The construction sector is undergoing considerable transformation. Last month, the UK government set its new climate target for 2035, so there is an even greater imperative to attract the brightest and best emerging STEM talent to secure the future of a decarbonised industry. In March this year the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) published the first sector-wide skills plan for construction, which highlights the importance of enhancing technical, digital and modern methods of construction skills across the sector as well as traditional competencies.

The industry is rich in opportunities for an incredibly diverse range of career-seekers – a message that for more than a decade COYO’s ‘Design, Engineer, Construct!’ (DEC) learning programme has shared with children and young people.

Watch the video:

COYO CEO, Alison Watson, said: “My own journey into construction began with a chance meeting with a civil engineer who encouraged me to explore further. Discovering land surveying enabled me to combine my love of the great outdoors with problem solving through maths, my favourite subject at school. It became the best job in the world!

“The DEC programme not only enables young people to make such discoveries of their own, but crucially, to continue on a most exciting pathway all the way through school. What’s more, it offers industry an open invitation to get involved and witness the genuine social impact of authentic learning through DEC. It’s crucial that we stop working in silos and listen to the needs of young people and their teachers. I hope the campaign inspires more people to think strategically and work collaboratively to secure the exceptional talent that exists in our schools.”

Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson said: “Construction is an area that is getting better in terms of diversity, with many organisations working hard to improve representation in terms of race and gender. I am hugely passionate about ensuring people regardless of their background aspire to and have access to the best employment opportunities, so I very much welcome the work that is going on locally with schools, pupils and parents to make a difference.”

Nicola Pearson, Head of Skills and Knowledge Exchange, for the Centre for Digital Built Britain and the Construction Innovation Hub, said: “Built environment organisations deliver, operate and maintain the buildings in which we live and work and the infrastructure which delivers services for us every day. We want to make young people, their parents and teachers aware of the interesting, challenging, and fulfilling careers in the sector.”

Lucie Wright, Careers Strategy Manager at CITB, said: “We know young people need role models from similar backgrounds to them in order to see a potential career path, and this video does just that. It provides compelling viewing of how a young person gains inspiration to explore their passion and engage with the industry. I’d love young people to watch this and be inspired to join us, and head to Go Construct if they want to find out more.”