Liverpool in Work

Liverpool in Work is part of Liverpool City Council’s employment and skills  services department, and undertakes an employer engagement role, as well as supporting local residents and communities.

This role enables us to provide a FREE to use, single point of contact for businesses in the local area and access to over 500 partner organisations, including other adjacent Local Authorities, and 7,000 clients.

Clients are unemployed Liverpool residents, including graduates, school leavers, the recently redundant and those returning to work. We also have a database of job ready candidates who have received support via training, and candidates who have had experience on site.

There’s now an online enquiry for individuals and businesses here:

Support to the construction sector

In the construction sector, we work with a number of major contractors who have secured a variety of building projects within Liverpool, and as part of this work we are always aiming to secure as much work for local businesses as possible.

We have a comprehensive database of local construction companies in a variety of trades that can compete for contracts and packages of varying sizes.

In order for us to support this local supply chain, we ask the businesses to register with us and to complete a pre-assessment questionnaire so that we are able to provide contractors with as much detail as possible about potential sub-contractors and suppliers. We facilitate and organise Meet the Buyer Events and support developers with KPI’s and the monitoring of social value.

Our aims in this project are simple:

  • To support development of the local supply chain for the construction industry
  •  To match local residents and trainees with employment opportunities
  •  To assist the skills development of the potential and existing workforce in the construction industry – reflecting the demands of the construction industry both now and in future

For more information please contact Lynne Debbazi on 0151 233 4036/07764621373 or email :  or John Shaw on 0151 233 1933 or email

For more information, please get in touch...

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