Festival Park

The proposal and opportunity is to create a new ‘cultural garden suburb’ for the site in a number of distinct neighbourhoods, comprising a diverse residential offer of up to 2,500 homes in a range and mix of types and offers.

This living community will be served by a plentiful and high-quality public realm, local retail facilities, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, and other community services potentially including a primary school should future demand dictate. The intention is also to deliver a major cultural and leisure destination with a piazza at the centre of the site, whilst maintaining existing public open space in the formal gardens and southern grassland with opportunities for sport and recreation.

A new masterplan has been prepared which goes much further than the existing planning consent.  The built development will be focused on the northern and central parts of the site with a re-modelled waterfront that enables direct interaction between land and water, and will offer residents stunning views in a high quality setting that will make this development one of the most attractive and exciting new residential areas in the north-west of England.

A new ‘cultural garden suburb’

Quick facts

LOCATION: Festival Gardens, off Riverside Drive,
TOTAL SITE AREA: 36.5 hectares / 90 acres
DEVELOPER: Seeking development partner
SUITABLE USES: Residential, Assembly & Destination, Leisure, Public Exhibition Space
PLANNING STATUS Outline planning consent previously granted for 1,038 apartments and 66 town houses, expires December 2022.
LAND OWNERSHIP Liverpool City Council
POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT VALUE £150 million to £400 million

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